About us

About AriaDanak

As a consulting and investment institute, Aria Danak Holding has embarked on its professional initiatives through employing experienced and specialized workforce in order to empower and facilitate investment processes and offering legal and specialized consultations related to domestic businesses and joining the global markets since 2013. Through benefitting from standards and novel methods along with consultants and specialists’ knowledge and expertise, Aria Danak has been successful in creating a safe zone for itself and it has managed to have considerable achievements. With the motto of ‘Shorten the Way, Everything Is Here … . Aria Danak strives for offering specialized consultations and services to active agents in economics field. Concurrent with its specialized measures, Aria Danak Holding has invested in 6 fields of general and specialized services. 

1. AriyaAcademy:

Consisting various educational departments, Ariya Academy offers consultations and training services through needs analysis of companies, organizations and users. Due to the company’s presence and extensive communications in Europe and North America, accessibility to up-to-date knowledge, the company is able to provide credible national and international certificates.

2. YadWeb:

This knowledge-based enterprise is established in order to provide video communication services such as holding web conference, online training courses; moreover, this company is able to offer video communication services with appropriate quality in different parts of the globe through developing a suitable platform for holding meetings of companies, organizations, universities, and institutes.

3. Losham:

Losham provides services in field of tourism through developing a suitable platform in cyberspace. These services include various tours such as domestic or foreign, as well as specialized activities in the field of eco-tourism, business tourism, and visa applications.

4. Asorance:

Asorance is a website for online insurance quotation and purchase. It is possible to consider issues such as price, coverage, type and quality level of the desired insurance, and purchase the preferred premium.

5. Pioneering Entrepreneurs Club:

The realization of the value chain of entrepreneurship is the pioneer of the important missions of the Entrepreneurs Club, through the connection to the global market. Establishing a communication network between entrepreneurs and the need for a global market connection will be one of the most important activities of the club.

6. Chelika:

With a wide range of products, Chelika has provided the users and customers with the opportunity to buy their desired products in a reliable and guaranteed manner due to having higher discretion and exact product information. As a competitive market, Chelika constantly tries to procure and supply the users’ required products in the most desirable quality with reasonable prices.

Aria Danak’s Goals in its exclusive investments
  • Satisfaction of users and customers throughout the order process with the motto of “Customer is King”.
  • Provision of comprehensive services relying on standards and novel web-based methods
  • Quality enhancement of services based on up-to-date knowledge
  • Offering various products and services, on the basis of users’ needs analysis
  • Provision and development of useful technical information and standards that users need in order to get acquainted with the provided services
  • Providing special facilities regarding domestic products
  • Simplifying the process of provided services application
  • Empowering human capital, maximum benefit from current potentials
  • 24-hour support and consultation in order to provide service