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Davoud Razavi

Chairman of the Board

Consultant of International Affairs of the Secretariat of Export Development of Technical Engineering Services and International Relations of the Construction Engineering System Organization

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Azarfam Farayand Technical and Trading Services Company

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Samen Gostar Kish Trading Company

Senior diplomat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Executive Advisor of Dahi Bondad Group

MohammadHossein Ghorbani


Master of Business Administration in E-Commerce

Expert and consultant in the field of monetary and banking management

with MBA and DBA certification

with an economic management certification from OCS

with an international degree from the HCLA Netherlands Institute of Commerce and Law

Siamand Anvari

Planning manager and board member

PhD in Medical Sciences from Tehran Medical Sciences and Health Services University 

PhD candidate in specialization psychology

Individual and organizational skills coach

Former management of Roozbeh Hospital

Former management of Ziaeian Hospital

Haleh Golafrooz

Manager of exhibition affairs

Bachelor of Public Relations Management

The executive director of licensing activity of Kish Industries Owners Syndicate

Director of Public Relations and International Affairs at Pars Mika Kish Company

Responsible director of Mika quarterly

Freelance reporter of ilna news agency’s economic service, Najva and Kish Novin news sites

Mehrdad Tavakoli

Market Development Manager

Graduated from MBA at the Faculty of Management, University of Tehran

Market Development Manager of White Moon Company in Iraq since 2017 until now

development manager of Pipex brand market since 2019 until now

Founder and market development manager of “Rahkarhaye Karma” since 2020 until now

MohammadHasan Ghorbani

Public relations and advertising expert

Professional Accounting Associate majoring in Financial Accounting

with an international certification from the HCLA Legal and Commercial Institute of the Netherlands

Digital Currency Extraction Expert

Expert in advertising and social networks

Expert in the field of tourism and health tourism

Asiyeh Khodadad

Director of Education

Bachelor of English Translation

Director of Azad Technical and Vocational School

with a professional sales management degree

with an international degree from the HCLA Netherlands Institute of Commerce and Law

Nima Aalizadeh

Network and Hardware Administrator

Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering from Amirkabir University

Master of Information Technology

Computer Expert + Linux and + Network

Expert and implementer of networking and network security

Expert and executor of setting up voip phones

Elaheh Fallah

Administrative and executive affairs expert

Bachelor of Judicial Law from South Tehran Azad University

Legal Expert “Parvaz” Law Firm

Obtaining international certification from the HCLA Legal and Commercial Institute of the Netherlands

Smart company support and sales expert

Administrative and executive employee of Smart company

Abdolkarim Armani

Head of Commercial Unit

Foreign trade expert in the field of Central Asian countries and CIS

Mahmoud Momeni

Advisor to CEO

Master of Public Administration, majoring in govermental Finance

Expert in the national plan of the new model of home business development in the University Jihad Organization

CEO of Iran Azbest Company

Expert of customs affairs of Zagros Kish Marine Services Company