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درباره آریاداناک
برگزاری سمینار و همایش های تخصصی

What makes us so different?

Ariadanak Group has been able to empower and facilitate business processes, by relying on expert forces and productivity of world-class knowledge, in addition to expansion, increases the quality of its services in the field of ICT, providing specialized and applied training, legal and specialized advice in the field of business and connection to the global market, trade and commerce (domestic and foreign), the standardization of products and services, design and production of multi-purpose cards, launch of smart discount network, holding specialized conferences and exhibitions at the national and international level.

We attempt every moment to provide the shortest way for esteemed users to achieve their desires.


Creating a systematic chain of goods, services and in general a chain of values


Absorb maximum capacity in the country and abroad and create practical synergies


Teamwork and professionalism, increasing productivity and decision making, law and human dignity

Ariadanak Group Goals

  • Contribute to the development of entrepreneurship and innovation of the country

  • Branding and new services based on technology and innovation

  • Provide comprehensive services using new standards and methods on the web

  • Connecting businesses to global markets

  • Empowerment and training of specialized human capital and maximum use of existing potentials

  • Creative economy prosperity and export of creative goods / services

  • Helping to make the country’s economy smarter

  • Strengthen the business platform approach

  • & …

Some of Ariadneak projects

Ariadanak Group is always trying to improve the quantity and quality of its services and provides services worthy of esteemed users and make accountability in providing all services its top priority. Ariadanak, with a attitude of practical synergy between all domestic and international capacities, intends to define a complete chain of values ​​and welcomes all proposals in this field.


Plan to revive women's employment in the handmade carpet industry

Considering the situation of flooded compatriots in Golestan-Iran in 2019 and the requirement of creating a business despite the existing restrictions and the urgent need to start a business with a minimum cost and short-term return, the solution was presented in this project was creating home carpet weaving workshops and using of housekeeper women potential.


National Corona Virus Prevention project

With the outbreak of the Corona virus (Covid 19), in addition to causing high expenses & more anxiety and worries in society, the process of people’s daily has been disrupted. Providing online services in this plan is one of the necessities of our country to prevent the spread of this disease.

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