Business and standard questions

For consultation and obtaining a business card of natural and legal persons, you can consult with the relevant experts through communication channels and, if necessary, leave a business card to us.

To expand your sales market, first you need to identify your target market, then to extensive marketing. Ariadanak Consultants can guide you in this field.

First, You can obtain a business card to export your product / service to other countries, and then according to the desired product / service, you need to obtain the relevant licenses for that product / service, such as the standard. Also, if other countries have standards separate from the standard laws of Iran, you are required to obtain a standard certificate for your product / service from that country.

In the first place, you need to have a business card (natural or legal person) to import the product into the country. Also, register your product order in the comprehensive trade system and have a bank account for its finances. Advisors and specialists of Ariadnak Group can be with you in this way.

You must standardize your production process according to the target country. First, the needs of the people of that region must be measured and then standardized according to the needs. In the field of market standardization, Ariadanak has specialized in many Arab countries, Indian subcontinent, CIS and some countries in Europe and Africa in order to be a guide for Iranian producers and entrepreneurs.


You can leave all or part of your business affairs to Ariadanak specialists and do the rest yourself, but keep in mind that entrusting this to people with experience and background in the field can speed up your business.

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