Do you want to become a businessman?

Ariadanak Group by using the work experience and business(export and import) and domestic trade records can accompany you with consulting, training and implementation of processes in these matters.

امور بازرگانی

Ariadanak, along with you in business

A good companion can ease the difficulties in any direction. Even the business path with its special complexities and processes requires an accompaniment of the strong team.

At Ariadanak, as an export management company with an approach to connecting to the global market, we have tried to provide the best services by relying on the strength and experience of our expert team in the fields of export and import of goods, international transport and customs clearance.

Facilitating the foreign trade process, helping to develop the domestic business of businesses, creating employment and sustainable development, creating satisfaction for domestic and international traders by providing quality services, has been the pulse of our growth.

You can contact Ariadanak experts for advice and how to implement the process through communication channels

Some of our services in the field of trade

With the exploitation of professional, specialized and experienced staff, strong communications, intelligence capability, using the latest trade and customs rules and regulations, and aiming to connect to the global market, Ariadnak is able to cover any commercial operations in the shortest time thoroughly.

Target market identification

Market identifying leads to needs assessment and growth in international markets & relevant experts evaluate the accurate response to the needs of foreign markets.


Determine the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the product

The product required by the target market should be evaluated in terms of quantity and quality of production and experts should review the production process so that they can implement all the necessary standards in production.


Marketing training to distributors

Ariadnak helps distributors with marketing training and entering the market of various products so that they can market any type of product according to the needs of the target market and the characteristics of the product.


commercial requirements, Licenses and documents

Relying on expertise and strong communication, Ariadanak specialists can obtain the necessary licenses for each business operation and anticipate and prepare the requirements for all business stages.


Transportation, insurance, warehousing and clearance

Ariadanak performs insurance, transportation and product packaging, warehousing and storage conditions, clearance of goods, accurate determination of the costs of these matters and settlement of disputes in these areas.


Provide advice and management of the obligations of the parties to the contract

Ariadnak is along with you until the end of the business operation and manages the obligations to minimize the risk of payments and also to realize after-sales service.

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