Conference and Exhibition form questions

On the website, click on our service menu and then select the conference, seminar or exhibition option from its submenus. By completing the relevant form and paying for it, your request will be registered.

After entering the site and when registering the conference form, you can see all the running events at the beginning with details such as the time and place of the event, speakers, supporters, etc., and select the event you want and the company form Complete it.

Yes. By selecting any of the ongoing conferences and completing the form, you will be connected to the internet portal of Ariadanak website and you will pay for your application online.

There are two ways you can find out about conferences:

1) In the image gallery on the main page, you can see the video album with a brief description of the conferences.

2) When entering the conference and seminar menu, which is located in our services section, you can select any of the conferences that are considered and view its information and video album.

If the type of event has an online option other than in person, you can participate online through the audio and video communication platform, which will be provided to you at the conference after purchasing the company ticket.

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