Consultation Request Form Questions

On the website, click on the menu of the counseling center and by clicking on the button of the consultation registration form, by completing the consultation form and paying for it, your request will be registered.

When registering the consultation form, the fields and topics of the consultation provided by Ariadanak are visible. You can choose one and submit your request.

In Ariadanak consulting center, counseling can be done in three ways that you can choose one of the following when completing the form:

1) in person

2) online

3) by phone

You can inform the time change for the day or time of the consultation through Ariadanak communication channels. It should be mentioned that you must discuss the issue of the time change with the experts up to 24 hours before the start of the consultation.

Due to the fact that the day and time of the consultation is chosen by the user, it is necessary to choose a day and time that you can participate in the meeting (by phone, in person, online) and if you do not participate in the meeting, your time will be allocated to someone else.

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