Educational Center questions

Ariadnak Academy to increase the speed of customer response by providing the order code for training courses has made it possible for you to follow up your training courses purchase and register in the shortest time.

You can find your training course in two ways:
1) Click on the Educational Center option in the menu of Ariadanak website and search for the course name in the search box of the desired course.
2) Click on the Educational Center option and find your training course through the training groups available on the Ariadanak website.

By selecting the desired training course and logging in / registering on the website, you will be connected to Ariadanak internet portal and you will be able to pay for the training course online.

By clicking on the desired training course on the course page, you can see the general description of the training course in the overview section and view the information of the course instructor and its training program.

After purchasing the training course, you can enter the page of the mentioned course and click on the course titles and lessons in the training programs section, respectively, and download the course files and watch the training course video.

By logging in to the training course menu, you can view your purchased courses.

Some training courses do not have a limit for re-testing, but some courses, if you do not pass the re-test, you can pay for the relevant test and participate in it.

Most of the training courses that are placed on Ariadanak website have valid domestic and international documents, which you can see in the overview section of the training course.

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