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Holding national and international exhibitions

Participate in a good exhibition that  was planned for days and months to hold it magnificently, invite high-ranking guests, the presence of traders and merchants, gathering small and major producers in the specialized areas of the exhibition, news and media coverage before and during the event and etc…, It can play a significant role in the success of your business.

Ariadnak Group organizes specialized exhibitions in various fields of goods and services and can pave the way for you in this path of progress.

To register for the last exhibition, you can fill out the form below.

Some of Ariadnak services in the field of exhibitions

  • Online registration, website support and electronic notification
  • Doing public relations affairs, registering and inviting participants
  • Design, publication of brochures and environmental advertisements 
  • News and media coverage from before the exhibition until after 
  • Invite high-ranking guests at the opening
  • Hold B2B meetings and conferences to interact with business people 
  • Inviting manufacturers and traders in the field of goods and services related to the exhibition
  • Providing unique and special services to the material sponsors of the exhibition
  • and …
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