Due to the compliance of Jame Pardaz Dana, the owner of Ariadanak Group with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the purchase or rental of all or part of Ariadanak services in the main domain of the site and subdomains (subdivisions) relies on registration user identification information in the system.

This information is for legal IDs including the name and surname of the liaison and managing director of the Institute, organizational brand, national ID, registration number, economic code and address and contact information, and for natural persons first and last name, national code, father’s name, ID number and address And postal code and contact information such as landline and mobile phone and e-mail; Other information may also be requested to request any of the services. It is worth mentioning that all personal information of users is registered and stored as confidential data with Jame Pardaz Dana Company (Ariadanak Group).Ariadanak considers all users’ personal information confidential and will not transfer it to any person or organization unless required to do so by a legal order from the competent authorities. Also when you call Ariadneak; You send an e-mail or register your purchase and receive a text message. In fact, you have accepted our connection lines and through these cases, Ariadanak will respond to your request. Therefore, receiving any e-mail, SMS or incoming call with the name of Ariadanak through Anonymous addresses and numbers is considered a violation and abuse.

Ariadanak does its best to protect users’ private information so that users can have safe and secure shopping experience. We believe that our continuous improvement and pursuit of our interests will take place when at first your material and spiritual interests are supplied through the use of Ariadanak’s services.

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