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Ariadnak shop has made it possible for you to track your orders in the shortest time to increase the speed of customer response by providing the order code for your purchases.

You can track your orders in three ways:
1) By entering the account in the store orders menu, see the status of your order.
2) All order statuses will be sent to you via SMS and you will be notified of your order.

3) You will be informed of the status of your order through connecting to experts and providing the order number to Ariadanak experts.

Orders are sent through bike delivery companies and the post office of the Islamic Republic.

All goods in Ariadnak handicrafts online store have free shipping.

The schedule of sending orders varies according to the destination and working conditions of the post office in different days and is as follows:

1-Sending orders to the city center: 2 working days

2- Sending orders to main cities: 3 to 4 working days

3- Sending orders to the suburbs: 4 to 5 working days

4-Sending orders to villages: up to 6 working days

Products in liquid form available in Ariadanak store will be sent to you through the factory.

When you log in to your own account, you can see your Purchase history and receipts in the order menu of Ariadanak store.

After entering to ariadanak store, add your desired product to the shopping basket, after creating an account and selecting the address and details of the recipient, it will be connected to the Internet portal, and after payment and finalization of the order, your order is recorded and ready to send.

Yes, in order to benefit from all the services available on the website, it is necessary to first register with a mobile phone number and choose a password.

By entering the user account through the list of store orders, select the desired product and register your comment on the product page in the comments section.

Yes. You can order a limited number was given to you when you placed your order.

Your order will be sent directly to the recipient’s address that you entered when registering the order, but to speed up the delivery process by obtaining the shipment tracking code, you can receive your order directly from your local post office.

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