Terms and Conditions

Dear user, while thanking you for choosing Ariadanak website to buy your goods and services, your entry as the user and the customer into this website and using the facilities and services in it means accepting all the rules and regulations on the website.

All laws and regulations that you are required to comply with on the Ariadanak website are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Iranian electronic commerce law and the Consumer Protection Law. Accordingly, users are required to comply with user laws. We request that you read these rules and regulations. If the existing rules and regulations change in the future, it will be published on this page and we will inform you dear ones.

Item 1)

At first, We need to get acquainted with the usual words used in the rules:

A user or customer is a person who enters his / her user information in any fields of goods and services provided by Ariadanak website and uses the services available on this website.

The technical content of the site can include technical specifications, photos, services and descriptions of services, etc.

Businesses, real or legal persons can introduce and offer goods or services to be offered to users, including other businesses or customers through the Ariadanak platform. And are fully responsible for obtaining the necessary licenses to introduce and provide the goods and services, compliance with professional principles, laws and regulations, legal standards and customer orientation. Ariadanak website only provides a platform for introducing and offering products or services, and these products and services are published under the name and brand of producer.


The fulfillment of obligations is entirely the responsibility of the supplier business, and if the business deems it necessary to have conditions and rules for the use of its goods or services by users, it must be clearly and completely stated in Ariadanak and before the order is finalized, it’s must be approved by the user.In any case, if the user doesn’t read the rules or producer presentation of the terms and conditions are incomplete, Ariadanak Group will not be responsible.

An account is a tab that a user or business obtains by registering with Ariadanak and will be able to use the services of AriaDanak platform. Therefore, it is necessary for users to announce their correct and accurate information when registering and ordering.

Creating an account in the name of others or using the account of others without legal permissions is against the laws and regulations of the country and Ariadanak. If, at the discretion of Ariadanak, it is necessary to provide additional information or documents from the user or businesses, it is necessary to provide it, otherwise Ariadanak will be allowed to block or restrict the user or business account in using the facilities.

In addition, in order to establish discipline in the activities of Ariadanak and to comply with the laws and regulations of the country, Ariadanak will be allowed to delete or restrict the user account whenever it deems fit. This action does not require any prior notice and warning.

A wallet is a credit that users or businesses will have in their account to benefit and use the services or introduce their business on the Ariadanak platform.This wallet will be created by Ariadanak for each user or business in a proportionate way. Credit of Ariadanak wallet in the form of payment through one of the common methods in the country’s banking system to this wallet or allocation of credit by Ariadanak (from discounts, sales promotion policies, purchase volume by user or volume and variety of services provided by businesses, Validation and etc.) will be specified and operational.

Information To introduce and provide appropriate goods or services through Ariadanak website, SMS, Corporate Email or other common methods in Iran will be done. If the user or business interrupt or cancel the temporary or permanent receipt and use of such communication services, they may not be able to use Ariadanak services.

Ariadanak discount code may be considered for users or businesses depending on the size and type of interaction with Ariadnak. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the principles and rules of using discount codes and recipients are not allowed to give them to others or sell them in any way. It is the responsibility of the user and businesses to provide equipment, facilities, tools, internet and other related items for using Ariadanak services.

Users and businesses are not allowed to provide goods or services and use the services and facilities and platform of Ariadanak in violation of the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran, religious principles, public order and custom of society and privacy of individuals. If any virtual or physical action of users and businesses, leads to damage to Ariadanak or other persons in any way such as material or moral damage, damage to the reputation and damage to the brand, property and assets and etc, Compensation for damages at the discretion of Ariadanak has been the responsibility of the offender.

In addition, Ariadanak is authorized to terminate the offender’s access to the Services and to its discretion, to prosecute.

Users and businesses are committed to respecting the material and intellectual rights of Ariadanak and under Iranian law, are not allowed to use Ariadnak’s name and logo under any title without the written permission of Ariadanak.According to the Iran law, users and businesses are not allowed to make any illegal or unauthorized access to the Ariadanak system, its partners and business partners. Pursuant to the Business Law as well as the Iran Commercial Code, users and businesses, by registering or concluding a contract with Ariadanak to use its platform, are committed to complying with the principles and conditions related to contracts and transactions remotely and through electronic devices.Observance of the principles, laws and regulations of the country, as well as Ariadanak, is committed to provide services by Ariadanak or by users and businesses.

Compensation for all material and moral damages to real or legal persons, as well as Ariadanak due to non-compliance with the laws and regulations of the country and Ariadanak, will be the responsibility of the offender at the discretion of Ariadanak.

Item 2)

Any transaction that takes place in virtual environments, like physical environments, indicates the occurrence of a contract. The contract under Article 183 of the Civil Code is that “one or more persons undertake to create something to one or more others and it is accepted by them. “Accepting an order in an online business means accepting and agreeing to buy as a online contract. Therefore, a contract is concluded when the user finalizes the purchase of his service and pays for it.

Item 3)

When you contact Ariadanak website, send an e-mail or register your purchase and receive an SMS, you have in fact accepted our electronic communication lines and through these cases Ariadanak will respond to your request.Therefore, receiving any email, text message or incoming call with the name of Ariadanak through other addresses and numbers is considered a violation and abuse.

Item 4)

In order to protect the privacy of users, Ariadanak Group respects and protects the privacy of all persons who use the own Website.In fact, the technology related to user privacy has been placed on the site so that users can use the website more securely.

All content on Ariadanak website such as text, logo, photo, video, logo, graphic images and all downloadable items and copies published by Ariadanak brand are considered Ariadanak property and its use and publication is the exclusive property of Ariadanak and any use of them will be prosecuted.

item 5)

 Cost of using servicesThere is a fee for benefiting from any of the goods or services considered in Ariadanak; Therefore, by accepting this fee, which will be notified before the finalization of the order, the user is required to pay it to Ariadanak and this fee will not be refundable except in exceptional cases at the discretion of Ariadanak.

How to pay: The cost of using Ariadanak services through Ariadanak portal and Shetab network, Ariadanak wallet, discount code or other methods will be possible with the user’s opinion and consent in each case.Upon confirmation of the order in Ariadanak by the user, he will be obliged to pay the relevant fee; Except as expressly has been specified in the e-Commerce Act. In case of non-payment on time and in the determined amount, the customer will be responsible for compensating all the damages incurred at the discretion of Ariadanak.

item 6) Support

Ariadanak platform has made it possible to benefit from the designated hours and areas for the delivery of goods or services in such a way that users can use Ariadanak’s port comfortably; In case of any problems in not being able to use the services, Ariadanak support will be at your disposal proudly.In the event of any disruption or error in the provision of Ariadanak products or services, either directly or by businesses partnering with the Ariadanak platform, the Ariadanak Complaints Unit is obliged to immediately follow up and announce the results of the actions.

Therefore, users and businesses can follow up their own request or register complaints through the email address info@ariadanak.com or call +982191017711.

Item 7)

 pecific obligations of businesses·

Provide correct information on the Ariadanak platform and introduce the legal goods and services and it is possible for them to perform it without any shortcomings, delays and preconditions for Ariadanak and users.

Timely declaration and payment of all government salaries and duties, including VAT.

Fulfilling its obligations to all its employees, including social security insurance coverage.

Timely and correct presentation, observing the principles of customer orientation as well as the laws and regulations of the country and Ariadanak in introducing and providing goods or services.

Accurate and complete monitoring of the behavior and performance of its employees and business parties in order to fulfill the obligations in accordance with the introduced goods or services and the order received in Ariadanak.

All documents, photos, videos, content and information provided to businesses in the dedicated panel created for them by Ariadanak or made available to the public by Ariadanak in any way are the property of Ariadanak unless such matters are acquired by The works have been prepared and created and provided to Ariadanak.

Observance of all laws and regulations of the country as well as Ariadanak, especially in cases where there is a possibility of material, personal and moral damage to the users and credit and employees of Ariadanak. In case of non-observance of part or all of the above cases, Ariadanak is allowed to permanently or temporarily revoke access to Ariadanak, and in addition, at its own discretion, to determine the material and moral damages caused to itself or other persons and the business is required to compensate Damages will be incurred.

Businesses that provide services with vehicles, including motorcycles or any vehicle (sedan, van, truck, utility vehicle, trailer, etc.), train, boat, ship, aircraft, etc. are required in addition to using The driver and technical staff and authorized transport equipment and means take action to insure the means of transport, drivers, related employees and their liability insurance to all third parties as well as supervising their activities in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country and Ariadanak.

item 8) User-specific obligations

Do not bring any goods, tools, animals or objects that do not comply with the terms of use of Ariadanak services.The insertion of any order to benefit from Ariadanak services should be only in cases where the final decision to place an order has been made, because the user will be Obliged to follow the law of the country and Ariadanak and pay the costs related to ordering.

item 9) Terms and conditions of Ariadanak Training Unit

  • publishing and providing access to any software or electronic files that contain viruses, trojans, worms and other malicious programs is prohibited.

The use of services for any illegal purpose (political, moral, religious, commercial, etc.) is prohibited in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and international law.

Use of the Services for the purpose of illegal attempt to gain unauthorized access to computer systems and equipment to which the Customer is not entitled or to interfere with other computer networks or service-related networks is prohibited.

Infringement of copyright, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, property rights, public rights, personal rights of third parties or the publication and sharing of content that is not the property of the customer and is not authorized to publish them, is prohibited.

Publishing any illegal content, contrary to Islamic decency, anti-religious, harassing, defamatory, insulting, racist, ugly and immoral, abusive, violent, threatening, intimidating, harmful, vulgar, obscene or any other objectionable content is prohibited. The Customer agrees to accept responsibility for the use of employees, contacts, business partners and all persons who have the opportunity to use the services provided to the Customer.Therefore, if for any reason Ariadanak feels that the customer’s behavior during the operation of the service has violated the rules and regulations, it has the right to block or deactivate the customer’s account and the services provided to them, along with any action necessary at its discretion.The customer is not allowed to use another person’s account and should not share her account details with another person.

Ariadanak is not responsible for damages resulting from third party use of the customer’s account with or without the customer’s knowledge, and all consequences will be borne by the customer.

The customer will be liable for damages resulting from the use of a third party account of the customer, which may intrupt the responsibility of Ariadanak and its business partners, and will be sued.

The Customer obliged to immediately notify Ariadanak of any use anonymously of its account or activities suspected of violating account security, including theft of account information or risk of disclosure of this information.

Item 10)

Violation or attempt to violate the security of Ariadanak Services or any network, system, server and third party account that includes and is not limited to the following is prohibited by the users:·         Access to data, information, servers, user accounts, databases, etc. that the customer is not allowed to access.

Forgery of Ariadanak personnel or use of any fake identity, Explore, scan, test and analyze vulnerabilities in systems, networks, servers and security breaches and authentication systems·         Disrupting, interfering with, and disabling the services of any user, server, or network, including, but not limited to, “overloading”, “flooding”, “mail bombing”, “denial of service” or “crashing” attacks.

Any action to obtain the services, account and personal information of other customers and users

Any action to circumvent or change the financial system and issue service bills

Item 11)

Violation of the security of Ariadanak network or systems is subject to criminal or civil liability and the violator will be severely prosecuted.

Item 12)

Ariadanak reserves the right to suspend or block services that continue to violate the law and cause damage to Ariadanak’s services, customers and users.

Item 13)

Ariadanak is authorized to cooperate with legal authorities and third parties to conduct the necessary investigations to identify the perpetrators and can disclose the identity and personal information of those responsible for violations of the law and material and moral damages.

Item 14)

Ariadanak is liable for damages and consequences resulting from the exercise of its rights under the Ariadanak Terms and Conditions, including blocking the Customer’s account, terminating access to the Services and deleting information stored by the Customer through the use of services directed at the Customer, Users or third parties. Will not be.

Item 15)

Ariadanak is allowed to change tariffs and increase or decrease the cost of its services at any time. These changes are reflected in the sections related to Ariadanak website and the user can be informed of the latest tariff changes by visiting the website at any time-Tariff changes have no effect on the customer’s current contract and will be the basis for billing if services are renewed or new services are requested.

Item 16)

All rules and regulations formulated on this page can be changed or added to the regulatory materials. In case of any change in this page will be informed.

Item 17)

Ariadanak Group headquarters information will be available on the main page of the website and our contact page.

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