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Terms and Conditions of AriaDanak Holding Website

Dear user, Thank you for choosing AriaDanak website for purchasing your goods and services, entering the website as well as using its facilities and services means accepting all the terms and conditions. All rules and regulations of the website which you are required to comply with are based on Islamic Republic of Iran’s laws, e-commerce Law, also consumer protection law. Therefore, the users shall follow the rules related to the users. Please read all the rules and regulations. If case of any upcoming changes, they will be announced on this page, and we will inform you accordingly. 

Article 1: It is necessary to get acquainted with the terms, used more frequently in the rules and regulations: 
user or customer is a person who signs up an account through providing his personal information in any of the fields offering products and services; thus, he uses AriaDanak’s products and services. 
The site’s technical content can include technical specifications, pictures, description of services, etc. 

Article 2: Any kind of trading in electronic platform is an indication of a physical contract. According to article 183 of Civil Code, contract is a situation in which ‘one or more people is /are committed to one or more people and is/are approved by them’. ‘Confirming an order in the internet business means acceptance and satisfaction with the purchase which equals online contract or agreement’. Therefore, when a user complete his purchase, and pay money online, it means that he has entered into the contract. 

Article 3: Once you contact AriaDanak Website, send an email, or register your purchase and receive an SMS, you have approved our electronic communications, so AriaDanak will respond you through the same communication channels. Thus, receiving any emails, SMS, or incoming call with name of AriaDanak with different address and contact equals abuse from the company’s name and reputation and it is consequently regarded as a crime. 

Article 4: AriaDanak Holding respects and protects private information of people using the website. In fact, the most secure technology employed in the websites ensures the privacy of users so that they would use the website more safely. All the content and material on AriaDanak website such as texts, logo, photos, video, graphic designs and all downloadable materials are considered as the Ariyadanak’s properties, and their using and publishing is exclusively for AriaDanak Holding; therefore, any unauthorized usage of them would be subject to persecution. 

Article 5: All rules and regulations developed on this page are subject to adaptations and amendments. In case of any kind of changes, they will be announced accordingly on the same page. 

Article 6: The specifications of AriaDanak Central Office is as follows: 
Address: Unit2, 5th floor, Nahid Tower, Shahid Alen Abkar Shahnazari St., Madar Sq. Davoudieh, Tehran. 
Zip Code: 1547916151 
Email: info@ariadanak.com 
Phone: (+9821)71054000